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my agent is looking at it like this, if its a deep cover sort of thing, she gets it, if its a real betrayal..... after Hunter, after the brainwashing, after Valkorian..... Theron is dead

my full dark side sith though, willing to let bygones be bygones, which i think makes for better stories, Nox has always been rather nuanced and not all grrrr kill everyone all the time....
I don't know how my Nox is going to handle it. She's suspected Theron Doing Stupid Theron Things since the beginning, but she's also not keen on the idea that he didn't trust her with the knowledge of what he's doing...that and he totally undermined her authority and made her look like a stoop in front of...everybody. Would she kill him? No. A thousand times no. Does she get it? She totally does. Does that mean she'll be able to forgive him and take him back? I'm not sure.
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