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You make up fanciful tales of cheating and "toxicity" happening in almost every ranked game.
Well, to be fair maybe the week or so I tried to last play solo ranked was just a bad week. It was bad enough to push me away till I see them make real changes that improve it.

I have no reason to lie, and if it were not true I'd be playing now and playing solo ranked. It left that bad of a taste in my mouth. Sorry, I just really hate cheats that's what drove me off EQ1 PVP years ago. And yes IMO cheating, dropping matches, manipulating ELO all do contribute to a toxic environment.

Ironically during the worse years and months of the past (according to you) I finished seasons and found ranked doable and worth the toxic verbal insults some of the players liked to toss around because I didn't find my matches constantly starting with 3v4 etc. or see players manipulating the matches like they have learned to do now.

Oh well. The mode is still recognized by the majority of people as not fun, not serious, and not competitive due to all the flaws we have discussed here and elsewhere.

DavidAtkinson has a good point about not letting others influence your mindset. I have no issue doing that hence verbal insults if anything only motivate me to destroy whoever the **** talker is.

Jedi Al, I'd suggest you get the word out how fun and great ranked is if that's how you feel. I never see any nice posts about ranked, none... Why not put it out there and try to encourage people to queue up for it then if it has improved etc.?
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RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.
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As I detailed in another thread, RNG give the players more control over their gearing.