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Founded in July 2017, <Crimson Order> is a Republic PvP, PvE, crafting, and Planetary Conquest guild dedicated to enhancing its members’ playing experience through quests, operations, and other galactic oddities. We pride ourselves on the sense of community we have established through social engagement and player outreach, distinguishing ourselves as a friendly and competitive guild on the server.

We are currently recruiting experienced and casual players of all levels. There is no requirement to participate in any event beyond a player’s comfort zone. We simply ask that when players log in to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, they have fun and enjoy themselves.

What We Offer

Crimson Order offers the following amenities to its members:
  • Valor Class Republic Cruiser fully equipped with vendors and utilities
  • 10% XP boost
  • Social in-game chat and Discord server
  • Fully unlocked Guild Bank
  • Opportunity to play in progression groups for daily and weekly quests, including warzones / galactic starfighter, operations, world bosses, flashpoints / uprisings, heroics, and more
  • Planetary Conquest rewards, in which the guild converts all participation points into credits. Those who exceed personal goals will receive double the credits -- 4x if we win!
  • In-house crafting division able to provide guild members with end-game armaments
  • Inviting social atmosphere with opportunity for growth
  • Engaging social events, including, but not limited to, contests and a Tatooine Pod Race

Guild Structure

With the Guildmaster, two Council Overseers, or Co-Guildmasters, oversee six divisions in the guild: 1) Warzones / Galactic Starfighter; 2) Operations / World Bosses; 3) Warden (HR); 4) Planetary Conquest; 5) Crafting; 6) Flashpoints / Uprisings. Each division is overseen by two officers, or Council Members.

Players entering the guild will obtain the Initiate rank and can progress—based on merit—to Member, Crafter, Gatherer, Veteran, Champion, Council Acolyte, and ultimately Council Member.

What We’re Looking For

Crimson Order continues to thrive as a community of players. We look for good company over game experience, as we are ever-reminded that we once entered the galaxy for the first time, too. Our guild is looking for players to enhance the family we have built.

Membership in Crimson Order is primarily at will; however, the guild maintains a strict policy of adhering to the House Rules ( established by Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Looking to Join?

Players interested in joining Crimson Order may do so risk-free. We understand that our guild may not be best suited for all playing styles, but we welcome the opportunity to have you in our ranks.

If you are looking to join a fun guild community that actively participates in early- and end-game content, please whisper or mail any of the following members:

Meyvn Nooj, Guildmaster
Zepboyo, Co-Guildmaster
Cin’eris, Co-Guildmaster