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Is more afoot than we realise?

Thanaton has certainly been corrupted by power in some sense, but is it feasible that he's actually been twisted, that the observation that Darth Thanaton actually seems like a wholly different person compared to who he'd been in the prequel comic is, "in story", down to an intentional corruption by someone?

Teneb Kel is a slave turned Sith Lord. Much later, Lord Zash, in charge of the Korriban Academy, and seeking to fulfil her vision of a slave-turned Apprentice to meet her rather unique needs, arranges for slaves and other lowborns to receive Sith training, fomenting considerable dissatisfaction among Sith traditionalists such as Overseers Harkin and Tremel, and Darth Skotia.

Tremel learns that the influential Darth Baras is contemplating taking one of these vermin as his apprentice, and schemes to try to stop it, kicking off the Sith Warrior's story. Now, Bar as has a speciality of twisting and corrupting people, or arranging to have it done by his underlings. Consider, is Teneb Kel any more different to Darth Thanaton than Padawan Jaesa Wilsaam is to Apprentice Jaesa Wilsaam, for instance?

You've noted, I think, that Baras and Kel's objectives slightly overlap, albeit for different motives. Baras also is something of a spymaster; he undoubtedly knows who killed Skotia, and probably also all about Zash's plans.

Note that Skotia, allied with Thanaton, had a base in the area of the Collossus, dedicated to Darth Vowrawn, another enemy of Baras. It seems all too feasible that Darth Baras, perceiving that a crusading Darth Thanaton would be a significant nuisance in his aims to be recognised as the new Emperor's Voice, may have deliberately fed information to Skotia to fuel his enmity toward Zash, maybe whispered in Thanaton's ear about how Zash's policies were stirring up resentment against slaves turned Sith, done all he could to stir suspicion and fear in Darth Thanaton's mind, working to manipulate Thanaton toward the Kaggath, with the intent that Zash or her apprentice, since I doubt Bar as would care whether or not the ritual worked, would either eliminate Thanaton, or at the least, keep him out of the way and occupied.
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