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09.23.2012 , 06:22 PM | #48
Just chiming in to say, tanking is great in this game. Trash tanking isn't that fun, but with the increase to aoe threat made a lot more manageable. The trash in the new Op is a bit more fun too. The way taunting works might want to be reworked in future as except for use of bosses dropping threat, threat becomes pretty trivial after the first 30-60seconds on a single mob or boss.

It definitely doesn't need more dumbing down. It's challenging enough to be fun and strategic but not too easy as to just be a walking meat shield who just stands there doing nothing.

As for PvP I think tanks are decent there too tbh. They're great for defending objectives, staying alive until backup arrives, and fantastic in huttball. Aswell as being very useful with guard and taunts to protect allies and reduce damage. I'm not saying they couldn't be tweaked a bit...but to say tanking sucks is a gross exaggeration.
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