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I, like all but one other person that has replied to this thread, disagree that tanking sucks. I think that tanking is a great deal of fun, tanking requires a lot of attention to detail, and so is not for everyone. A good tank is one that keeps cool even in a ****** situation, and plans out best what they can do to make it less ******.

Before each pull I will look at the enemies, and I will say, okay, what does each of these guys do? That guy is melee? Okay I will let him run over to me, that guy is ranged, I will need to pull him into AoE range. Which ones do I want cc on, should I use my grapple on this guy to pull him away from the group after he is cced to allow for better AoE, or should I pull the one that is ranged and hits hard into position for better AoE? A good tank has a plan beforehand, and if they are familiar with the fight they know exactly what they are going to do before the fight even starts, but at the same time need to be level headed enough to realize, okay, my plan has gone to ****, what do I need to do now? I really hope they don't dumb down tanking, because I very much enjoy it.
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