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If you have wondered why there are not enough tanks queuing for HM's and raiding, you only have to look at the mechanics in this game.

I have tanked in just about every MMORPG I have played. I mostly enjoy it. I tank in this game. I find myself pulling my hair out more often than not. Just about half of everything in this game stuns the tank, or knocks me back 100 feet and snares me, or CC's me, or stuns me, knocks me back and CC"s me. It isn't fun, it isn't strategic, it's just frustrating and terrible. Even trash does this consistently. Stuns and knock backs should be used extremely sparingly. You have given NPC's so many powers that only players should have.

The issue is exacerbated because DPS tend to just jump in .01 second after me and start blasting on the thing. Meanwhile I'm two miles away because I've been knocked back into the last room and am snared and/or rooted and some idiot Marauder is getting laid on by some huge robot and complaining that I can't hold threat.

Yes I realize they should play smarter but you have to design around these kinds of issues.

Tanks have enough to deal with keeping threat on everything. We don't need to deal with getting stunned and shot around the room every pull.
Just to reiterate the prevailing response to the OP, tanking in this game is fine - no - it's at a really nice sweet spot that feels gratifying and fun while not being faceroll. Stuns, KBs, interrupts - those things should never be player-only. To remove those from mobs would be tantamount to removing a huge portion of fun from tanking, not to mention strategy.

Yes, it is strategic for mobs to have and use those powers, just as it is strategic for us to counter them. Our job is to control the battlefield. If the mobs merely stood in place and accepted the occasional Smash, Sweeping Strike, and Taunts to maintain control then the role of tank would be watered down to the point of meh. The fact that I have to know who does what, who must be interrupted, who must be pushed/pulled where, how best to shape the battlefield to the advantage of my group - that is the essence of tanking. That is what makes tanking fun, and what most players who tank enjoy.

To be sure, tanking is not a job for everyone. It is not a role I would ever force upon a guildie or random stranger because we need a role filled. It is a job that requires that you not just know what you're doing, but enjoy it - otherwise, you'll be shoving that role onto someone else and hitting up the Skill Mentor in no time.

If the frustration of the role is lessening your enjoyment of the game - respec. Not everyone enjoys every role.