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I don't understand the hate towards the new movies. i get it, they aren't your Star Wars, but they've created new fans in younger people that will grow up and hopefully pass on their love for Star Wars as I have with my children.

When I saw RoS there were kids in there eating that sh** up and I was so happy to see that.

Whether you like it or not, Star Wars isn't yours, and this is how it survives. This is the way, and I like it.
This argument doesnít hold water.

1. Merch based on DT and targeted at kids and teens doesnít sell. At the same time merch based on OT, PT and TCW still sells decently. Thereíre plenty of articles discussing this issue. Kids donít ask for it, parents donít buy.

2. Itís been 4 years since TFA. Some of these kids the movie was supposedly targeted at are young teens now. Somehow I donít see them all over the internet expressing their appreciation towards DT. On the contrary, I saw some of them on the so called ďhate subsĒ and was surprised that they even care. Thereíre franchises that are far more attractive for teens than old school Star Wars with its futuristic shabbiness. MCU, for instance.

3. Itís also amusing how TLJ fans keep claiming that this movie is a masterpiece, and those who donít agree arenít just smart enough to comprehend it. A movie made for kids, huh?

Iíd say the only new demographic DT attracted is young females dreaming of Reylo, and theyíre even more toxic than Fandom Menace when they donít get what they want or donít like what they get. Besides, as soon as they smell another Twilight in another franchise theyíll move there.

Pissing off old fans whoís been keeping the franchise alive for 40 years, and hoping that theyíll be easily replaced with younger ones, isnít exactly smart move. Plenty of these pissed fans are parents and maybe even grandparents who donít want their kids watching what they donít approve.

Quote: Originally Posted by Volcinar View Post
Personally, the EU turned me off to Star Wars because it was a jumbled up mess of, in my opinion, fanfic. At least Disney has the opportunity to bring this all together and learn from their mistakes with the newest trilogy. They have the power to tie everything together with TV series and their own stories. And I believe they will. They've already hinted that the 2020's will be for Star Wars. So, just try to be optimistic.
I mean, even three parts of their AAA trilogy contradict each other and don't make sense as a whole thing. Every time they try to fix it in additinonal content (art books, novelization, comics) they make things even worse. Rey's a nobody and Kylo's antipode, nope, Rey's Palp's granddaughter, nope, Rey's daughter of Palp's failed clone, well, forget about it, it doesn't matter anyway sinse she's a Skywalker now.

And according to the dude from the Lucasfilm story group, they don't care about continuity and consistency. I find it hard to believe that they'll manage to tie all the stuff they're going to release or even try to do so.

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