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While I am pleased with the tentative release schedule of summer, since it is pretty close, strictly speaking, people have made valid arguments about being outraged that Bioware wants us to pay for server transfers. Bioware/EA need to do a lot of stuff to save face with customers right now, in order to save/stabilize the population. Server merges, LFG tools, character transfers, etc. will really improve the grouping problems most of the current players are experiencing.

That said, you will not see those features save the game if people have to pay for them, especially if they are overpriced like I think the transfer features on WoW are. $25 to $30 dollars for server transfer like WoW? You want people to pay and not feel completely back-stabbed? Then $5 dollars is the limit. And given the circumstances (mainly that the players are not the ones to blame for playing on a server in the beginning of the game that slowly decayed to low population) any charge on these features is just going to make them lose more subscriptions than it will save, IMO. Bioware needs to set things right while also not mugging us for a few extra dollars in the process. The customer needs to be happy, key point of a business. Customers will go elsewhere if they are not treated well.

And my strong belief is that server mergers are a good choice for Bioware here. Simply transfer all the characters from about three(?) low population servers together, for free! If you want to choose your destination, maybe you have to pay a small $5 fee. Seems like a possible compromise...though if we have to pay $5 for each character and we want to move multiple ones, the price could add up and become unacceptable. Bulk moves are the way to go.
Most server transfers are free. You know, to the ones that will benefit you most. However, if you wish to move to one that will not benefit you most, i.e. one that's not on the list, it'll cost ya.

In short, you most likely won't have to pay.
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