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Take a snapshot at yesterday's date of lvl 50 accounts on each server, allow people to FREE transfer chars to any server where they already have a lvl 50 toon, this will not affect server load, since we are already playing there.
It would be quite telling to see actual accounts that have 50s. Understand, however, that this will be completely different than doing a server search of 50s online. Just yesterday I went to Coruscant on my new alt, and there were over 90 on Coruscant alone, over 60 on Taris. Now, those can't be all new players. That means that all those level 50s on my server? They're playing alts, just like I am, me with 2 level 50s to my name.

So, doing a search for current level 50s online will tell you exactly Jack Squat.
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