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Hey, thanks for the reply!

So it's not possible to use the GF to advance story missions that involves FPs pretty much ?

Just want to make sure I'm not doing these FPs alone for no reason haha
Sorry about the delay.

GF can (if you pop the one you want) advance the story of the "Forged Alliances" FPs (aka Prelude to Revan, the FPs being Tython, Korriban, Manaan and Rakata Prime) because those FPs don't have [SOLO] mode, although it isn't *necessary*(1) because they *do* have the God Bot / Jesus Droid to help you out in [STORY] mode.

For the "Traitor Arc" FPs, *only* [SOLO] advances the story(2), so you're right, GF cannot advance them.

But ultimately, the reason they are disabled in GF is because you have an open "Do this FP in mode X" for a different mode. The same would be true if you have them open for Master Mode and try to queue for Veteran Mode GF.

(1) That's not a reason to avoid queuing in GF for them, just that you don't *have* to do GF if you want help (other than your existing companion).

(2) In other modes, the cinematics are either deleted or replaced by ones in which you see a masked figure instead of the actual traitor, as a form of spoiler-prevention.
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