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All three in the OP are pretty good ideas:

Space Station: Definitely with a special view, like a pulsar or even a flowing nebula. The sky on Ilum, or the mini-galaxy on Rishi, only more so.

Spira: Two thoughts on this: I'd pay CC for a base on a tropical beach like the Rakata FP (I really like the RIshi SH, but the scenery pales to Rakata). Frankly, if they just took the Rakata FP beach area and turned it into a stronghold, I'd be happy as a space clam.
Also, after running through the HK55 special, with its underwater section, I was hoping they would incorporate that. Still disappointed we don't have an actual underwater area we can decorate *and* walk around in.

Space Cruiser: Yep, a personal flagship would be a nice change of pace. Moving a guild ship is fun by itself, and being able to do that without the big expense, and not having to deal with guildies to do it? Yes, please.
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