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These are just a couple of ideas without going over the already most wanted strongholds like Alderaan or Hoth. I would love to hear feedback on these ideas to see what others think.

Space Station - A good sized space station with three levels, two hangars with starship hooks and one hangar with a centerpiece hook (in addition to other hooks in the hangars), multiple rooms of various sizes most of which have windows/ a window, and an large observation area on top (third level). All floors are accessed by stairs. The space station could be near a pulsar or something else spectacular in space.

Spira - A planet mostly covered in water with numerous islands and island chains dotting the planet. Here, the stronghold would be a luxurious mansion right on the beach of a private island. The rest of the island is about the size of the Yavin 4 SH and is covered in tropical flora. Unsure of what else may be on the island. Landing area? The time setting would be midnight, which is something different from the the other strongholds to date.

Luxury Cruise Liner - A fancy space cruiser for the rich and elite traveling through space. (If we can have a train SH traveling across a planet, we can have a ship traveling through space in a Star Wars game) A cruise liner with at least three decks, including an engine room and bridge, with multiple rooms of various sizes with windows/ a window. Very fancy looking. All floors are accessed with an elevator.