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Hello Everybody,

With Strongholds being released soon, the Cartel Market team is looking for suggestions of decorations that players would like to see in their Stronghold.

Suggestions can be general types of decoration like posters, chairs, lamps, giant missiles, etc.

Suggestions can be specific in game objects. An example would be, "I would really like the blood pool from the Blood Legacy quest on Korriban." (The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be for the team to track down the item)

Suggestions can also be objects not currently in SWTOR. An example would be, "I would like to put a Star Forge on my Stronghold's front lawn."

We are looking for any and all suggestions so please don't hold back.

Thanks in advance!
Actually the blood pool is a good suggestion.
SWTOR: KotFE, Rise of the Ehh I guess I'll get used to it eventually
This is what a tentative roadmap should look like.