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t in pvp than I do in pve. Big crits = kills imo. But every class/spec is different. So take this kind of general info with a grain of salt.
I go with the same principle. Sage is the only class I bother with Alacrity because it's more of a "might as well" since you only need a bit more than 2% which is not a lot. For other classes I don't feet Alacrity matters a lot, because unlike PvE, in PvP you don't have 100% "uptime" to make full use of the reduced GCD. There's a lot of chasing, turning, getting stunned, rooted, using DCDs in between that there's very little time when you're actually consecutively using abilities one after the other without any break at all. At least, that's how I think of it and I stack everything into crit/power too.