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If you're patient and cruel enough, you can choose not to save Vette when given the choice and the romance will end for you, "from a certain point of view". Single once again maybe you can get back with Lana in the Iokath sequel. Don't know for certain, but it's what I'm trying. Married Vette in character story. Cheated on her with Theron in Revan but got back together when we reunited. Theron's romance end scene was heartbreaking. Now a widower, I haven't reached the first flirt option with Theron yet if you keep the romance. I'm hoping the option is there to get back together.
Pretty much guaranteed that the answer is *currently* "No". Sorry. It might change in the future (there are plenty of requests, and some rumours), but there's nothing currently in the game *or* in "concrete" known plans for it.

(Before you say it, no, "An Error in Alliance Records" is not that thing. That was a workaround for a bug in the aftermath sequence of Nathema Conspiracy where the game didn't bother to even try to remember that you proposed to Lana. That bug was fixed rapidly after NC was released, and only affected people who still had Lana's romance.)
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