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I usually post over on the Commando mirror forums, but I agree for the most part. There are so many things lacking with the class, specifically DPS, that it amazes me that this has been going on for nearly a year. I can only assume that something in Bioware's metrics has led them to believe the spec has been in balance for the last nine+ months, but I cannot fathom what on earth it could be.

Really, this comes down to the following problem and it was a complaint raised after 1.2 nerfs to the AC: there is a difference between being viable and being competitive. Every class in this game is 100% viable. I've seen every class at end-game and ever class do the content, so clearly they are all capable of doing it. But Commando/Mercenary (specifically DPS) is not competitive. With the exception of the healers (and even that's debated), Commando/Mercenary brings nothing valuable to your team that isn't better accomplished by another AC. That's the root of the problem right there. It's a class of weaknesses without any clear strengths. It's terrible design and surprisingly, the exact opposite problem is existing for Smashers currently (they have too many strengths for so few weaknesses).

Something needs to be done. And at this point, there's isn't even enough of the horse left to beat.
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