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No. Just no.

Mecanaries are good to have in raids, because they have clutch instant heals, but their dps does not stand out as much as people are saying.

Sniper, Marauder, and Powertech put out better results. And I'm speaking as a mercenary that parses 1900 consistently on a dummy and 1700+ on most ops.
And i'm speaking as someone who has everyone one of those classes in high tier gear and i will un-biasedly say that geared powertechs cannot out DPS a geared PvE arsenal merc. My marauder is a toss up, totally depends on the fight. Sometimes it parses higher than my merc and sometimes my merc parsers higher. They are two completely different classes mechanic wise.

Sniper, yeah i can agree with all the DoTs sniper's have they usually parse higher but merc is always a close follow.