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there's no "quest" leading up to NMP. you just go there, click on the stone, and beat it.

the item you need, is actually 1 of 3.
Alpha Wave Inhibitor - which you buy for 30 daily commendations
Gormak Energy-Cell AlphaWave Inhibitor - which are crafted by armstech
Gormak Crystal AlphaWave Inhibitor - which are crafted by artifice

the boss is fairly challenging for 16 people in rakata gear.

to be completely honest, you are WAY undergeared for this fight, so unless you're tagging along with people who are way OVERgeared for the fight, you'll cause the group to fail.

there's little to no skill involved with this fight, it's basically a numbers game. do x-damage before y-time, or else you wipe.

your best bet is to make friends with a top tier guild and ask to join one of their farming runs or something.

the problem is that most people (like my guild) are way beyond needing NMP, so basically don't run it anymore.

the old forum used to have a list i put together of people who were running it, but Bioware in their infinite wisdom decided to nuke all the old threads.
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