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10.02.2012 , 12:18 PM | #1
Hey everyone.

I played since launch and left in March due to rl issues. Everything is stable now and have been back for a couple of weeks. Been catching up on some of the old achievements while I do the stories of the other classes.

I have been able to get all the achievements for World Bosses save 1 and that is the Nightmare Pilgrim. I understand you need to buy an item which protects you and that is all well and good but the groups that do it seem to be a bit gear elitist when it comes to picking people.

Not having been here a while I am probably out of the loop, in fact I was told about the free pvp gear and that was a pretty marked improvement over what I had form doing missions and what I got off drops. There hasn't been an issue with any other WB so I'm hoping that any group that has a slot and doesn't mind a bit undergeared first timer could help out.

I think there are some quests tied to it and that is all well and good but my main goal is just doing it that one time to get the achievement to satiate the completionist in me. I am in the 128 gear I guess it's called with 1 battemaster top. Not a pvper but trying to at least improve how I can.

If anyone has a spot with a dash of patience to let me know how I could help on the boss without messing anything up, it would definitely be appreciated.