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Trooper? You are a disposable force deployed on the fields with the same arsenal than EVERYONE else. You die, and ain't being remembered for anything, you are the military, you get in, serve the galaxy, die or suceed. You ain't all that special besides your medals and grades. I mean, how many trooper heroes can we count? How many troopers really changed the tides of something? Even in the opening cinematic, where you see the trooper being *****ed around as soon as a sith gets in and well, cleave them all to cluster crap. Then, Satele-Shan gets in there, kills dozens of siths and duel with Darth Malgus. Trooper gets in, gets neutralized and blows himself with a cryo grenade. Wow, I mean, yeah, makes me feels so heroic and reliable.

Anyone can help me with this? I really love the look of my Vanguard, really love the gameplay and style. It's just that I feel so not involved in the story, just like a peice of the puzzle people forced with sledgehammers to fit in.

Your help is VERY appreciated.

That's completely and utterly wrong. You are NOT a disposable force, you are the leader of the most successful Spec Ops unit in recent history - Havoc Squad - and the best soldier the Galaxy has to offer. Not to mention that Trooper is heavily responsible for re-igniting a full-scale war with the Sith Empire, along with Sith Warrior from the Imperial side of things.
Oh, and IIRC you get to kill two Sith Lords over the course of Trooper class story.

Consider playing the Trooper story someday. While most definitely not the best one out there, it does provide a useful insight into Republic's political workings and such, and it's anything but isolated from major galactic events.
As a matter of fact, Smuggler story is the most isolated out of 4 Rep stories, and even they get offered a position of Republic Privateer in Chapter II.

Also, everything you said about BH here
they're unpredictable and highly technologic. every inch of their bodies are weapons!
can be rightfully applied to Troopers as well, even from the game mechanics standpoint: they're mirror classes after all.

Scoundrels are law breakers, they do what they want, when they want, they dont even have to get involved in anything, they kick you in the groins, and point blank shotgun you. How more detached can it be? But then again, it feels involved.
Oh. Does it? Kicking Arcann, son of the Force God in the groin does feel more involved to you than fully-trained soldier using their top-notch skills to stop the same threat? Frankly, both feel equally detached from the events of KotFE

Imperial Agents are the key to the empire developpement, they assassinate key targets from the shadows and well, even through politics. They have massive influence in everything.
Except IA's main weapon is stealth and subterfuge which they lack in KotFE, especially when they get shoehorned into Alliance Commander role that doesn't suit their style, like, at all. IA is a spy, not military leader. At least in case with Troopers Chapter IX fits like a glove, thank God for that.

It's quite obvious KotFE is heavily Force User-centric as they are arguably the main heroes of SWTOR, or rather, any Star Wars story, always were and always will be.
Thus, you suspend your disbelief and keep on pew-pewing overpowered Force hacks in the face or you just re-roll JK/JC/SI/SW for the sake of immersion and believeable storytelling.
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