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i mean i like but is it a blindsideed nerf? pl help me understand it
The previous Maul, with positioning restriction used to deal a fix amout of damage (100% Damage). The current Maul will deal different damage depending of your positionning :
-Front Maul will deal roughly 90% of the damage dealt by the original Maul.
-Back Maul will deal approximatively 105-110% of the damage dealt by the original Maul.

Basically you still want to be behind the opponent to hit, that's certain. But before when the opponent was facing you, you couldn't use Maul at all.
I prefer dealing a bit less damage rather than no damage at all
But try to stick to the back of bosses as much as possible for dps. As for tank you don't care about Maul, it has a low priority on your ability list and has a passive that makes it deal «back» damage regardless of positioning.
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