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Steve alluded to it, but the "Heroic" space missions were added sometime between 1.0 and 2.0, I think around the time that Relics of Gree first came and reputations were introduced. That's the only "update" the space missions have ever received except for some bug fixes.

On rails or as you said "single player" space missions are actually a pretty good source of Experience for leveling, I use it sometimes on leveling characters. Often the bonus objectives are the good source of XP if the mission is low level.

For ship upgrades, you may be able to find a Cybertech crafter on your server who can make the grade 6 parts. There is one grade 6 part that cannot be crafted but is a reward for one of the higher level missions.

Grade 7 components were introduced as cartel market items right around the time of the heroic mission introduction. You don't need grade 7 components except for those heroics. They aren't sold on the cartel market anymore, so the only way to get them is to get them from the other ship component vendor in the same section of the fleet as the original one. They are standing a few meters away. Some grade 7 components are also craftable by Cybertechs. Most are bought with fleet commendations.

If you want a guide to the heroic space missions, go to Dulfy's guides here.

If you are on the Satele Shan server, send an email to Andrachenko and I'll craft you the grade 7 parts that are craftable and grade 6 for the rest.
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