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01.21.2020 , 10:08 AM | #1
Hi all, after a very long break I intend to get back into the game starting this evening!

I currently have a level 51 Sith Marauder and a level 28 Jedi Sage. I however have no idea how there stories evolved so I guess it's best to start a new character. I do have a few concerns though and would like to have your opinion(s).

- Does SWTOR still have a active player base in game? I mean it doesn't have to be over the top full but it is nice to see others on all levels/planets

- Is SWTOR beginner friendly? In other words is it 99% experienced/die-hard players looking down on newbies or are new players still joining every now and then?

- Not sure about this one so for the check. As a subscribed player do you automatically get access to all DLC?

Well that's it for now!

Thank you in advance!