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Consider that the current running conflict beginning with the reemergance of Vitiate's reborn empire has been going on for almost half a century by this point; the first Great Galactic war lasted 28 years until the Treaty of Coruscant, the Cold War for 10, then the game proper begins and has lasted around 15ish more into the Second Great War and the Zakuul wars.

The Great Sith War lasted only a single year, the Mandalorian Wars for 16 (after 20 years of relative peace) followed by the Jedi Civil War (3 years) and Dark Wars (5 years), all interspersed with eras of stability. Each is distinct enough in scope and time frame to have different enemy factions and motivations behind them, but the Great Wars have been going almost non-stop for 55 some ish years.
You might have an point and its an long conflict and it creates strong warriors and kills the weak or who can not make it. But the clone wars jedi are an close second as they do have the knowledge of their predecessor added to theirs. While the average jedi are weaker then the average of the game but the strong are stronger then most of the game jedi.