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06.19.2017 , 07:39 PM | #1
I know this is an old issue, I've searched the forums and found nothing that helps. I've submitted a ticket... yada yada yada...


I can not continue the Defender of the Empire mission, I get to the part where it says to "disable the jamming signal," and I proceed to do that by interacting with the console on the bridge of the ship, immediately after I do that the normal alerts appear on the screen about what to do next which is "overload the shield generator" but that's where I'm stuck because the mission doesn't properly progress and enable any interactable object to "overload" a shield generator..... it just dead ends. I've been everywhere on the ship and found nothing and the minimap shows me nothing as well but the mission log says "overload shield generator" and that's it. I'm pretty frustrated by this because obviously I can't finish this class storyline without this mission.