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I have always understood that critical chance was modified by the mission difficulty, such that critical crew skill mission rewards would naturally become more likely as you leveled your skill and mission difficulties changed from orange to grey. I have always been a subscriber so I have never appreciated this to be an exclusive subscriber perk, [...].
you can find mentions of the crit rate division for crew skills coing all the way back to 2012, although the original dev explanation of it seems lost to the ages. There used to also be a mention of the reduced crit rate on the F2P comparison page, but the current one on the EA site makes no mention.

things that do change for each color difficulty are failure rate (which was also recently increased in 6.0) for non-crafting crew skills, 0/1/5/10% grey/green/yellow/orange difficulty estimated prior to 6.0 (to my knowledge we never got a dev post on those, they were all community derived).... the new 6.0 values are higher, estimated at +5%. The other thing that changes based on color difficulty is the points awarded towards leveling a crew skill... 0, 1, 2-3, 4 for grey, green, yellow, orange

but you don't have to take my word for any of it, all these numbers are quite easily tested, and are surprisingly stable even at very low sample sizes for grade 1-10.... just as long as you add up the bonuses yourself, because the ingame displays have been wrong since 5.10, and never counted all bonuses anyways.

companion level dived by 2 and rounded down.
Legacy perk
Guild fortune set (there's some bugs with this one)
guild +crit or +efficiency skill
guild bonus perks for specific crew skill types

all those are directly additive

+success amps reduce failure rate
+efficiciency amps reduce time AFTER normal effieciency has been applied

and remember that Crit rate is not a percentage of total attempts, but of total successes (failure rate is rolled first as pass/fail, and crit is only rolled for on a pass)
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