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Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post

Been a while since I posted, as you can imagine, we're a bit busy right now.

However, we're still actively monitoring the forums and venues of player feedback, collecting information helpful to prioritize the feature development, issues, etc.

On the topic of skill respecs, we are aware that it is a popular request to have more versatility in how and when to respec (which includes questions of cost) and we've already decided to pursue the idea of more readily available respecs for players. Pricing changes are also very much under consideration.

Just so you understand my position on the topic: I don't think skill respec should be rare or handled very restrictively. I'm actually all for players experimenting with different skill sets once they have a good grip of their character.

I don't want people to respec in the middle of combat or in between defeats in a Warzone or Operation, but other than that, I think respec is a positive thing for the game. If we find that the current pricing is too prohibitive for somewhat experienced players, we'll make adjustments.

-- Georg