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03.20.2012 , 09:11 PM | #16
About the only thing in this fight that can kill you timing wise is eating a ball and getting tossed immediately after. This is a perfect situation to save medpacks for, or healers to throw hots on someone right after they explode their ball (They did nerf the hell out of this fight when they tell you with Giant Red Letters who lightning balls are targeting...surprisingly enough these will be the same people you should worry about landing a hot on quickly, amazing how simple that idea is). You do get a combat rezz for a reason. All the other "RNG" claims are situations that good communication and play can solve by having a plan to deal with.

If a healer getting tossed and one in the trap suddenly means your raid dies, your dps needs to break them out faster and the raid needs to figure their **** out. The only person who should be taking damage in this scenario is the tank and the healer in the air. Everyone else can maintain until they break the trap and the tank can pop cooldowns.