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I agree to some statements here that the spec doesnt need that much.. One thing I'd love to see:

- Explosive Dart / Sticky Grenade and Fusion Missile / Plasma Grenade can build a stack of Supercharge (Maybe with a internal cooldown?)
This makes both abilities more viable in normal rotations and not only for dot spreading.

I think the spec is a good example of easy to learn, hard to master.. mostly because of the ammo / heat management. Especially when you start adding dot spreads and aoe damage. In general I'd like to see other things build on that idea. For example:

- Gaining the tenth and last stack of Supercharge through Koltoshot / Koltodart buffs the Supercharge duration to some amount (3-5 Seconds maybe?)
- Spreading both dots to more then three enemies grants [Creative Name Here] which reduces the cost of the channeled Aoe attacks by 20% or some amount.
- After the activation of Kolto Overload / Adrenalin Rush but before the health trigger.. the players can cast Medical Probe on itself which creates a stack of [Creative Name Here] which increases the duration of Overload/Rush for like 1 Second per Stack (Up to x Stacks]

Mechanics that reward players for oversight of the fight/class and clutch gameplay. But also not necessarily being something you need to do. Like the first example you loose a gdc to a non-offensive ability, but profit after. Or the thrid exampe using your Overload/Rush preemtively.
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