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11.11.2019 , 10:12 AM | #1
Iam at my wits end when it comes to the Set Bonus for Shield Tech and Immortal. All of them seem not very helpful in doing Raids.

Juggernaut can basically rebuild a very bad version of his old set bonus by using the Lord of Pain set in combination with Jaw Breaker.
Hordís Makashi Strike will probably be the better Tactical for boss tanking, while Leviathanís Hide will do better for FPs. Jaw Breaker seems to be horrible since Backhand is always used whenever it's ready and has a 1min cd. It being ready when you need Invincible is rather random.

Iam not a fan of the Lord of Pain Set Bonus either. In most boss encounters that will mean 2.5% increased DR every 40 seconds for 10 seconds. Not particularly overwhelming.

Shield Tech Sets are even worse.
There is not one that would increase your DR, any useful cooldown reduction, or something that would enhance your defensive CDs.
Right Price looks really nice until you put your glasses on and see that Ion Gas cylinder doesn't get the 10% DR and Power Yields Duration cant be enhanced either via Combat Proficiencies since it'll just increase your Damage Bonus again. So the instantly available Explosive Fuel is out of the question.

Iam aware that Shield Tech always was the damage dealing tank, but forcing him into such sets, because there is simply no Tank set available, is just horrible.

Tacitcals are strange, just like the Immortals. Oil Fire is only effective as long Oil slick is on the ground, which has a 1min CD. It's just like Leviathans Hide an okayish thing to use in FPs. Hotswap is just strange. Only usable in situations where you don't actively tank, or it's not a big deal to lose aggro and move the boss around.
Thermal Screen allows you to hold 3 more Heat Screens translates into 3% Absorb chance. Not alot, but its basically active always, bar the moment when you trigger Heat Blast.

On the other side there is the Assassin, who has a set bonus the Increases DR by 10% for 6 seconds every 20 and a bunch of situationally usable Tacticals, like increased Shroud Duration, more Dark Ward Stacks, Force Shroud on Guarded target, Double Cloak, which is basically a third Force Shroud, and 2% Absorb for every target hit with Wither.

tldr: What did you guys buy for your Shield Tech and Immortal? Atm, it doesn't seem like Shield Tech sets are worth the investment at all, while Lord of Pain seems bearly handy enough to sink 6kk credits and 18k fragments into.
I would be happy to be enlightened in case I just missed something very obvious.