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One of you mentioned there's not usually more than 5-6 ace pilots on at any one time. On Harbinger, that is false. I could log on at almost any time of day or night and find at least four (to make a group) on either faction.
That really really depends on your definition of an ace pilot. As far as I'm concerned the only ace I've met on Harbinger was Willie. Mind you that was a long while ago and things could have changed dramatically, but the rest of the people I've met got crushed under pressure whereas Willie didn't.

I think a few weeks ago I put it as "You're good if you can go against an 8 man pre-made virtually solo and still do well for yourself. (Not necessarily winning the game, not having a high kdr, just having a game presence.) Which you'd be surprised how few people actually do because they are too concerned about how many times they die to actually have a game presence, or they don't cap any nodes because they're scared of mines, again not having a game presence, and they forget who the important targets are because they see some name that's a big deal to them and think that if they kill that guy the whole enemy team will crumble (spoilers it doesn't).

This difference in perspective primarily has to do with the number of pilots who don't know even the most basic things. A lot of the pilots who you might say are good are pilots who have the knowledge to make themselves better than the people who don't know things. (Which is a lot of the population.) but they don't have the experience or skills a lot of the time that in any other game would make the difference between good and average or great and average. It's just the sheer quantity of absolutely positively horrible pilots that will trick you into thinking "Yup, that guys good. His numbers are high." when really he just knows enough to farm, he doesn't have the tools in his mental arsenal to go up against an actually good pilot.

If you want really really want a numbers example I figure if you're a scout/gunship and you can get over 200 DPS in a fringe match you're probably good because that means that the combination of your skill, your knowledge helped you to really take advantage of the fringe case. But if you have a similar fringe case and you're not THAT skilled but your knowledgeable, you could probably easily get 150 DPS+ in said fringe case.

In a strike fighter it's not about your dps but about how fast you can clear a node because ion/heavy is the fastest way to clear bombers and turrets in the game as far as I'm concerned, your time in between nodes is really slow and your time to bear is slow so you really can't use the same numbers that scouts/gunships do.

As far as bombers go, across the 8 servers I've been to the only good one I have EVER seen is Drakkolich.

People have previously said that there are tiers of aces and I think that that is partially true, the issue with it is that there's no real way at this moment to quantify, or give yourself points and say "this is what tier I'm in", especially considering the difference in styles of flights between players.
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