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I fly on Harbinger and have gotten to know most of the ace pilots there. If I see a new name that just dominates in a match, I go out of my way to introduce myself to them. On the other side of the coin, I also go out of my way to assist the "noobs" (that appear to want to learn) to learn how to fly. If I am unable to help them, I will point them in the direction of the gsf channel or a specific person to talk to in game.
One of you mentioned there's not usually more than 5-6 ace pilots on at any one time. On Harbinger, that is false. I could log on at almost any time of day or night and find at least four (to make a group) on either faction.
Wed evenings, my guild (Gone Sithing), puts on what we call Imp side gsf night. We do the same Thur evening on the Pub side. The popularity of gsf there is outstanding, in my opinion. To those I know that only fly one faction, I tell them, "we are flying tonight. Rally the troops and fly against us."
On those evenings where we have our respective "fly nights", I can regularly gather more than eight fliers to queue in together and that's only in one faction. Sometimes there are wargames/livefires, those happen, but quite often we are facing off on the troops that friends have rallied on the other side to fly against us.
Now I don't consider myself an ace, there are many people out there so much better than I am. However, I like to consider myself good. I know the names of the people to watch out for and when I see a pack of noobs on my team, I tell them, "watch out for X or keep X busy". When I fly against a pack of noobs, I also try to refrain from kicking their teeth in so badly they don't want to fly again. Let them hold a sat, don't make the killing blow in a blowout match or I will also make a "stupid mistake" and let them kill me or run my face into a rock to avoid getting killed. Getting my team to agree though is like herding cats sometimes.
All of this having been said, I don't think premades are harming gsf. They help to keep the queues alive and going.