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Sounds similar to my Opener. I occasionally see the 1st two hits of MS hit for 10k+, but then looking in my log they hit between 3k-5k. I really should make a video of this because I'm not entirely sure what causes it other than the timing of my adrenal.

Btw, anyone else on Torque notice that the fire double spawns in HM? Finally got past Bulo after about 3 hrs worth of pulls last night, but hit a wall with Torque and tanks/myself working out how to effectively stack the fire.
From what I've seen it appears the fire spawns on tanks and melee DPS, I just move as it spawns personally. That fight is kind of a joke for healers anyways from what they've told me, literally the only time they have to worry slightly is when fire goes up. What I'm curious is, what does your raid group have you do for that fight?

We were running with a Sniper, Merc and Sorc... at first they had me on adds, but it was a bit rough for me, Sniper/Sorc were aoeing the walls and Merc was sitting on boss basically. I'd be at around 3100-3500 on those pulls, Sniper/Sorc 3800-4k, Merc 3500... then we did me on boss, Sniper on adds and Merc/Sorc on aoe duty, I'd be 3800-4k, Sniper 3100-3500, and Merc/Sorc at 3k/3.8-4k respectively. Merc was underperforming (normally one of our main healers) so we shuffled in a Sin, but it was late and we were getting sloppy so only did a couple more pulls and stopped, haven't gone back yet this week.

I dunno why, but it seems like I almost handled add duty better than our sniper. I'm guessing its cause of how easy it is to spread aoe with Vengeful Slam, I also picked up extra damage on shoots lasers with taunt/reflect whenever possible. Its a pain dealing with the fire droids, but if you're careful its not too bad. We probably would've had it downed but overall DPS was too low (like I said, merc is normally our healer and doesn't DPS often).
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