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01.15.2014 , 04:41 AM | #341
I do not main a Merc healer, but I heal with one in the current HM Dread Operations, and the healing in PvE-- when considering the buffs they brings-- is in a good place, ie: I feel no pressure to "pick up slack" but occasionally resource issues when there are a few too many "oh ****" moments. For PvP, before they jump down my throat about good numbers, Id like to point out that very few complain about the raw output of Merc/Mando healing (and most of those do not understand how the spec works), because their problems lies within the class itself: very cast reliant with few and mostly ineffective ways to counter it. One idea that could offer something for both sides: (Apologies if this was mentioned in one of the previous 300+ posts)

Emergency Scan has always seemed a bit lackluster and disjointed for a capstone ability, perhaps it should be tied it into the tree a bit more? Maybe have its cooldown reset be one of the perks of Super Charged Gas and/or build charges of Combat Support Cylinder?

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