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So remember this screenshot?

The number of kills he had was 207, the number of deaths the enemy team had was 199.
Not to mention, when I looked through the Red Eclipse forums, they said two of the people in this game were other classes than what the scoreboard says they are(Fegg was actually a Marauder and Fens was a mercenary.) So that only leads me to believe this screenshot was photoshopped...However, I can't tell that at all just by looking at it(Looks just like the in-game scoreboard to me, down to every detail.)

I worry for the future of my Ultimate thread if people decide to do this frequently. A couple days before that someone tried submitting a screenshot that said it had 1884 hps, and then someone else sent me the real screenshot, where he had around 1100 hps(Apparently some people have no problem trying to submit records that they didn't actually earn.)
That's a bummer...I'll never understand people who feel the need to cheat to win. How do you have a sense of pride in your accomplishment, if you didn't actually ACCOMPLISH it???
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