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I have always known this data is geared for raiding - only. Our guild does not raid, I've never been on a raid. What we do (and really enjoy) are running Flashpoints and Heroics with a 2-man team and no healer except our companions when they are not locked out. Vanguard and Commando. Tank and DPS. I'm the tank, and we have regularly taken down a lot of really hard places just '2-manning' them. It's a huge challenge and very tough, we may wipe a few times but we always seem to find a way to complete them. Great fun. We've fought like this as a team for more years than I care to admit across many games, Rogue Spear, Asheron's Call, LOTRO, Guild Wars, SWTOR.

Our gear is crafted BiS which is 186's currently. No set bonuses. We gear our companions the same. Which of course means 'B' mods but there you go.

Question: Just off the top do you feel your tables are a good fit for this kind of fighting? It seems the Defense is getting so low now and it concerns me. I know that to properly determine the correct mix of Defense, Shield and Absorb I'd need to run the math based on exactly what we're fighting, then take an average - the same thing you've done with raids and 192 BiS gear. That's a bit over the top for me, and trial and error gets expensive.

I know getting way off topic but just curious your thoughts on this. Running gear based on your 12/6/14 tables which has been working very well, looking at the decrease in Defense, which I feel is getting a bit low for how I gear, and scratching my head a bit.

First off, Aelanis is correct that my defense minima are incorrect right now. Fixing that is my next project. For now, just know that reducing your total stat budget in order to hit a certain defense level is not optimal.

My guess for flashpoints, heroics and such is that you will do best with the high M/R profile. Flashpoints and heroics have a LOT of trash, and even the bosses tend to be pretty heavy on the white damage most of the time.
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