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Best post ever. I have competitively played MMO's for a long time and i immediately recognized the problem with the combat system. My younger brother is also playing SWTOR and it is his 1st MMO. He knew there was a problem but couldn't exactly pinpoint the exact problem and thought it was just lag. When I explained the problem to him, he immediately decided this was a major oversight in game development.

So there you have it: A newcomer and an experienced MMO gamer both agree that the combat needs to be more responsive, and that animations are less important.
My wife has never played a computer game before, not just an mmo. But she wanted to try swtor because she loves Star Wars. When I explained the issues as outlined in this thread to her, she immediately responded that yes they were happening to her as well. She thought that they were her fault because she was a rank beginner and really did not understand what was going on and was still learning the very basics.

One person posted a few pages back that he/she had had problems but for some reason yesterday was terrble and ended saying "go figure". Satuarday I played for quite a while and ended up doing five heroics (three with the same pug). There were problems but we got through all of them without a wipe. Yesterday, I tried a heroic and the group could not get trough the first set of mobs. Much of what I tried to cast delayed badly and much did not fire at all. I watched the JC in the group (I am a trooper) cast a few times and then stand there like he/she was in a daze. I finally apologized to the group, said I'm bad, and quit. So I was pissed and logged on to my JC ten levels higher and went back to kill everything in the heroic. I did it but had a heck of a time because everything was lagging like all get out and it seemed half of what I cast misfired. I have played a number of other mmos and somewhat know what is going on. Sorry BW, but a character that is ten levels above a 2+ heroic should be able to clear it while sleep walking. Regular questing was bugged beyond belief (aside from the combat issues) and the casting delays and misfires were many and terrible. The funny thing is that I did the same content on my JC and again had combat issues, but not to the degree that I did yesterday. This befuddles me.

Sorry for the rant, but I have gone from someone who was crazed to play this game to today where I feel that I do not even want to log on. I have gone from someone who wanted to play this game for years to come, to someone who would play and grit his teeth over the combat problems, to now someone who feels like playing is an unenjoyable task to be avoided. BW I am mad and feel much let down.

Perhaps the 200+ hours per class is actually 100 hours plus another 100 due to the slow down from the terrible combat.

In any case enough rant and sarcasm. I want to pley this game and want it to have a good long run. If the combat system problems are by design or by mistake does not matter. I truely believe that If they are not fixed, this game will tank and do so quickly.