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theoretically, you want to put on alac to speed up the dots AND the cleave, but there's nothing in the discipline to proc an alac multiplier. it's just a really poorly constructed spec. it also has a guaranteed crit (rail) plus the crit buff that's universal to all PTs/VGs. unfortunately, that's NOTHING like the kind of guaranteed procs you get from fury spec jugg/mara. so what I'm going for now is crit through aim and a couple mods to get around 25%. the idea is, with all the dots, to spike as many crits as possible instead of trying for the few and far between big crits. the 10m dot sticks on targets for a long time, so that alone should make it worth the exchange in bonus dmg vs. crit. this is just something I'm trying after having dabbled with crit and tried full power builds.

edit: d'oh! I thought you were on assault VG. lol
Sooooooooooooooooo, 30 % is too much then, well ranged is 30 % and tech is 28, dunno why they did that tbh, but whatev. I guess I will just pull the mods and enhancements out and keep them just in case I want to go back to gunnery. My crit is at 25 percent on my plasmatech, pretty much full power / mainstat build.
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