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In thinking about it, I don't actually believe forcing trinity comps will make a merc more viable in solos. Now it will certainly have a longer life expectancy with a trinity comp, but I don't think it will be more viable, in fact it may lose even more with the current meta. Heck forcing trinity comps will likely make Madness and Hatred even stronger in solos.

The reason being is Mercs don't have a pressure spec. IO and Arsenal are both burst specs. (Don't give me crap about DPS parses - IO's godly PvE rotation is impractical in PvP)
However to kill a trinity comp with burst classes you need to be able to pull off some kind of hardswitch, in solos however you don't have coordination, you don't get to call swaps or yell at the tank for a clutch AoE CC. Heck in solos you will probably not even get a co-DPS whose class synergizes well with yours.
Meanwhile actual pressure specs such as Madness would do absurdly well because pressure strats against a trinity comp boil down to a simple DPS tunnel which requires little to no coordination.
Very well said as always
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