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12.02.2013 , 10:18 AM | #23
There are two ways to look at this...what current players probably want in majority and what would be best for the game (arguable naturally).

I have an opinion on both.

What players likely want: A system where all players are matched together at random, pitting fully geared players against new ones. This would provide a fun factor with instant reward for those that take the time to fully gear their ships.

What is likely best for the game: A system that places players in matched combat that are essentially equal in gear...IE, someone that is new with ungeared fighters fights with players that are similarly ungeared. Fully geared players are matched.

The reason I feel this is best for the game overall is because GS already has enough strikes against it for the overall public...lack of joystick control, lack of fixed reticule, no "on foot" combat like in BF2. Having a proper matchmaking system would prevent new players from getting shut out of the feature by wildly superior players, making it much more approachable by the masses.

The idea IMO is that this feature needs widespread casual support to provide the maximum ROI and the best chance for it to grow.