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You're right, you're not forced to upgrade your ship. The system as it's designed will put you in groups with people with similarly upgraded ships, should you choose to upgrade.

The reason being very simple: Players with upgraded ships will have an unfair advantage against those who are just starting GS.

They are literally ensuring that players with superior ships aren't preying upon those with starter ships. This is not the case in many MMOs' PVP scene where starter players are the fodder for arena-geared players. I'm thinking of a game in particular and it rhymes with 'cow'.
Or, you know, this game's normal PVP at 55.

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Uh. I am pretty sure my stock fighter was playing against Dulfy and her fully upgraded Gunship a few times.

Don't rely on Matchmaking. Upgrade your ship.
She was a dedicated Scout ship when I played against her. Not saying she does, but she was a pretty skilled pilot at high speeds. I can't imagine playing enough GS on test to "fully" upgrade a gunship though, unless unlocks and upgrades were free in the closed environment.