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I honestly don't know what OP is talking about. I solo que and PUG lvl 50 Republic PvP all the time and do fine. Some days you do great, some days you don't, like any other. I got 5 wins in 8 matches on Jedi Covenant so far this morning, on Republic side.
Then you sir, are either lucky or maybe there are better groups in the mornings when you play. I don't know. Either way, it's cool that you don't have problems. But simply put, most of the solo pug players I've talked to are experiencing the same problems as I am. I created this thread to try and pinpoint why this particular problem exists. If it is simply player skill or pre-made grouping (which seems likely) that is mixed in with the high Sorc/Assassin player count the Imps have, them maybe it will wake up some of the Republic players to what they need to do. However, if there is actually something very wrong with the balancing between Imps and Pubs (not likely, but who knows), then that is something we as players should bring to BW's attention, assuming they care (probably not).

In truth, I'm just sick of the imbalance of wins per faction. I prefer an evenly matched battle. If it gets too easy like it does on my Marauder, I get bored and stop caring. If it gets impossible to even finish a weekly, like on my Sentinel, I get frustrated just as much as the next guy. Don't you guys feel the same?