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Great post overall. The only thing I don't agree with is the following:

Quote: Originally Posted by caederon View Post
Challenge yourself to do at least 10,000 damage every match, and to fire your lasers / railguns at a 30% success rate. These are just the beginning, but if you are not achieving that, you will know it is an area you must improve on. When you pass those marks, add 10k damage and 5% accuracy to your goal!
I went back and looked at screenshots I took during my first few months of play, and 30% hit rate as a starting goal seems MUCH too high. For my first month of play, my accuracy was usually around 15-20% (25% in my best games towards the end of the month), while my damage done was in the 20k-30k range. It wasn't until 6-7 weeks into the game that I started getting hit rates of 30%, with a damage done of 40-50k. I was playing GSF every night, on multiple toons, solo and in premades, and these were my best games, those I thought worthy of a screenshot.

I don't have any screenshots of my first 5 days of play, but I remember having a hard time breaking 10% hit rate at first. For a brand new player, I think a goal of 10k damage with a 10% hit rate is a lot more realistic, then move on to 20k damage with a 15% hit rate, 30k damage with a 20% hit rate, and so on. It took me several hundred games to reach 30% accuracy.

This is from the perspective of a player who only plays MMOs, which means that before GSF I had exactly zero experience at having to keep my cursor on a moving target in order to hit it. This was the hardest thing for me to get used to in GSF. Players with prior experience in flight combat games may be able to achieve higher accuracy a lot faster.