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I am pot5 and the pubs win all the time. I don't know what the OP is talking about. We are much better at GSF than we are on ground PvP.
It's more that the empire has premades on voice comms very frequently. Shock, who is on the leaderboards for kills, has a full contingent of people playing wingman for him. That's why he does so well on a gunship.

It's just the same old thing in SWTOR pvp- it's premades or bust. And right now, Empire has the premades. Which means they gear faster from winning. Which means that not only are those people who are in the premades getting better at a faster rate, so is everyone that rides their coattails. So, as a solo player, your best bet is to play Empire.

Bioware tried to address this with 8v8 premade pvp. We see how that went.