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Marksman is the best in pvp because it excels at single target kills. An engi player or even Viru play can build up more damage with AoE and cleaves, but it's due to fluffing which healing can mostly recover from. Marksman just has the advantage to still hit ambushes in the 30k range on players which is a lot more deadly to both a healer having to heal that, or a player trying to score a solo kill on you. Aside from damage, Marksman gets additional time to entrench and a small entrench after roll which helps a lot in pvp.

Personal rankings in pvp, Marksman > Engineering > Virulence
Bursting single targets is best especially healer tunneling. Engi pressure on melee while nerfed awhile back is still deadly, and Viru hits weak against players besides internal damage melting tanks from time to time.
Personal rankings in pve, Virulence > Marksman > Engineering
Viru shines in pve content to high sustain, versatile AoE and sub 30% for burn checks. I rank marksman 2nd due to some more checks only marksman or few select Viru players can kill and armor debuff in a team comp matters a lot more than some think. Engi last cause while fun with constant AoE Viru can still easily match it in AoE.