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04.01.2018 , 01:03 AM | #2
Marksmanship looks like totally true sniper. Can switch targets very easily and bring down stuff very quickly, but for bosses it doesn't deal much damage. Can quickly blast players in PvP, although Engineering has better mezzes. Good for pure sniper theme.
Virulency is good for kinda mad scientist/biologist theme (think dr. Lorric - Lost Island boss). This specialization never runs out of energy when you fluff adds with suppressive fire, after setting up both DoTs (corrosive dart->corrosive grenade) on all of them. Also this spec has extended Ballistic Shield duration & assailable debuff, so good for supporting teammates.
Engineering is definitely worth to play for, EMP blast looks SO shiny and awesomely, it also deals biggest DPS to bosses. And so many probes, gadgets & other doochikeys. Good for scientist/technician/droid controller theme, also has pretty solid fluff, tho not endless, like Virulence has. In PvP however, a mez with 18s cooldown (EMP) is kinda OP.