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BaRP is pretty horrible, far as I can tell. Always seems to go
Xxawesumdood casually approaches the bar and orders a whiskey.
Xxawesumdood tosses down the drink in one go, but seems entirely unaffected. With a disappointed grunt he orders another.

"Can't get a decent fight these days, much less a strong drink."

And that pretty much repeats, drinking half the bar's stock and basking in their supposed superiority to everyone else. Maybe it's different in stronghold based cantinas, but at least in public ones on the questing planets this seems to be the case.
On that progenitor server,the only place i actually enjoyed myself was "Wuster's marketplace cantina" ,a decent guy running a cantina and having a weapons trade background. It was the only place i went to and actually felt like i am in good company. Came in with my interstellar regulator mercenary,talked to the owner,told him about some of my character's previous jobs (Which he liked and responded with interest).

Don't make me even start with the velvet pearl,those guys have nice decorating...but the staff is soooo dull. They are pretty much never want to involve outsiders to rp,they don't know how to make a conversation and they think they overpower pretty much everyone everywhere.
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