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10.16.2016 , 05:08 PM | #1
i personally find it the most depressing thing one could see,like..seriously.

Like, it just makes me want to put a blaster bolt to my head. When i try to go to a cantina,i try to have a nice conversation where both characters can get to know each other,have some fun (And the players get to appreciate the characters) . In return,i get a boring conversation,get my character mocked as soon as the conversation starts,not even get a response or have the person act like a total a-hole (not to mention that almost everyone i meet ends up acting like they are the center of the universe and that i'm a nobody). I just want to have a nice chat,meet some characters that i could get further involved with in any future rp events i come up with.

Like,people should appreciate each others characters for a change. Every single character (almost) you interact with ends up being a complete selfish jerk to your character.

If i came to this dude and told him i'm a business owner,they would simply ask more about it and we would get to know each other (Though if i did so ingame,they would just mock me,tell me i'm making stuff up and insult me)
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