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10.26.2019 , 12:55 PM | #1
I find it amazing. They had all the time in the world to test this before release, and yet there is still a bug that makes everything from KOTET un-winnable? Now we have to wait until next week to even be able to play through that story to get to the new stuff. Well sorry to say, but that's ridiculous! As a sub, aswell as others, I can't fathom why it is I have to wait to actually play a game I am buying a subscription for! It boggles the mind that they didn't even test this to find the damn bugs before hand! And lets face it, this is a pretty damn big bug. Look. We all love new content, and...AND...we would all love to play it aswell! Not just read about it because we cant get to it due to issues arising from inadequate testing before hand.